100% Lions Mane Mushroom 50:1,Hericium Erinaceus

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Red Lingzhi is a type of Lingzhi which is more valuable and has better effect. 

Its main role is to stop coughing, strengthen the spleen, calm the mind, and have a good effect on trembling, restlessness, insomnia, dreams, amnesia, mental fatigue, fatigue and other symptoms. caused by mental dystrophy.
It can improve the mental vitality of the human body and relieve mental tension and anxiety. At the same time, it has a very strong function of replenishing qi.
It can be used for symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath, thinking about food, cold hands and feet, or irritability, dry mouth, etc., conducive to improving appetite and also plays a role in protecting the heart Red reishi has a certain role in the coronary arteries, can dilate coronary arteries, increase coronary flow, help improve myocardium microcirculation, prevent coronary heart disease, Atherosclerotic, and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, reduce the risk of heart failure.


1. Anti-cancer activity

2. Improve immune system: (bronchitis and asthma, nasal allergies, sexual herpes and fungal infections)

3. Cardiovascular health: (high blood pressure and reduce plate clotting symptoms)

4. To protect liver function (treatment of chronic and acute viral hepatitis)

5. Support the nervous system and
6. Anti-wrinkle