360 Degree Auto-Face Tracking Camera Mount


The perfect way to level up your projects: the 360 Degree Auto-Face Tracking Camera Mount. This multi-functional device simplifies professional projects and takes casual vlogging, streaming, or photo sessions to the next level. With features like automatic face/body tracking and 360° rotation, combined with a 10 hour rechargeable battery life, you won't ever have to worry about keeping up with the action. Additionally no special apps are required; just mount your smartphone or tablet into the adjustable holder and press the power button to get started. For use with different smartphones and tablets, clip-fit mounting system allows for secure attachment regardless of size. Lastly, attach it to any tripod stand using its standard 1/4" interface for adjustable shooting angles and heights. Whether you're bombing hills on your electric skateboard or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen – let the 360 Degree Auto-Face Tracking Camera Mount be your camera paparazzi!