AKARZ castor oil natural aromatherapy high-capacity skin body care

Product Name: castor oil
Specification: 10ml
Efficacy: castor oil is a colorless (or pale yellow viscous liquid). It is a kind of moisturizing and mild oil, with the effect of making the skin tender, so it can get the skin to get full moisture and moisturizing effect.

In addition, it also has very mild sedative effects, especially suitable for fatigue, pressure or extremely sensitive skin can effectively reduce skin sensitive situation, is also very suitable for use in the sun burns the skin.
Can be directly applied to the hair, can treat hair split, so that hair smooth and smooth. To prevent skin aging, prevent split ends effect.
In the manual soap, it can increase the soap transparent feeling, it is also often used in the production of transparent soap.
In the skin care products and lipstick, it can increase the ductility of the paste, so that the smear smooth, and can add a gloss of lipstick, cosmetic grade castor oil is the essential ingredient of the production of lipstick.
Usage: basic oil, can be used with. Can also be directly applied alone.

Usage 2: Essential oils for aromatherapy diffusers

Usage 1: Spa , Massage , Aromatherapy

Origin: ES(Origin)

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 100ML,250ML,500ML

Model Number: AJ425

Item Type: Essential Oil

Is_customized: Yes

Ingredient: castor oil

Ingredient: Natural Plant Extracts castor Essential Oil

Essential oils Quality: Top-quality goods

Essential Oil Type: Carrier Oil

Efficacy: Moisturize, Hydrated Fade, Wrinkles,skin body care massage spa

Country/Region of Manufacture: France

Certification: International Essential Oil Association

Certificate Number: ISO/9842_2005_88874

Care For: Face care, Skin care, Body care

Brand Name: akarz

Apply skin: All Skin