Mei Yan Qiong Brightening Cream

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Mei Yan Qiong Brightening Cream

Net: 40 grams

Product function:

The skin becomes bright white and shiny, clear texture, not sticky, easy to apply, after use dull skin feels comfortable, solve the problem from the source of attack, the skin is pure and bright!


Hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid Pear Stearic Acid Acetyl Six Peptide-1 Powder caprylic/capric acid triglycerides peptide-1 and snail secretion, safflower (garthamus tincorius) seed oil, double ring polydimethyl siloxane (Sargassum fusiffor, iobular seaweed I centella), aloe vera extract (asiaatica), sorrel leaf juice powder (Polygonum Capitatum) extract, methyl isothialone, sodium acrylate/two methyl torate copolymer

Method of use:

1. Morning and evening after cleansing the skin, light cream on the middle finger, index finger and ring finger.
2.Three fingers on the open face, gently massage evenly, it is completely absorbed.

Usable skin:

variety of skin


If you find your skin uncomfortable, please stop using it.

Storage condition:

Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight.