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  • Different from Static Traction to Stretch Cervical Joint: Our dynamic cervical lift device improves and keeps neck problems away with two points: 1) Restore physiological curvature of neck; 2) Exercise and strengthen neck muscles. You don't need to move, air pressure and the moving head push neck up and down for dynamic stretching. Chronic lack of neck movement due to the sedentary, you may experience a process from pain to relief, so for severe nerve compression pain, please buy with caution.
  • Deep Electrotherapy (Please note! Do not use this device if you have metal implants or pacemaker): Instead of a surface massage that simulates kneading and vibration, neck stretcher uses 3 combinations and 12 levels of intensity, deeply stimulates the muscle groups around cervical spine to get relax, unclog the meridians while strengthen the neck. Before use, wipe the neck with a wet towel or cream to keep moist to reduce stingling.
  • Intelligent Constant Temperature Hot Compress: 3-level temperature settings, 104°F, 113°F, 122°F (40°C, 45°C, 50°C). Adjusting it according to actual needs to increase extra muscle soothing extent, help improve local blood circulation, drive away the cold and dampness of the neck and deeply relieve muscle tension, fatigue, numbness, pain, etc. Temperature protection and a 15-minute timer function (which can be manually turned off or back on for more use) ensure use.
  • All-in-One Automatic Mode: One key to activate 3 or 2 functions. It is not recommended to use the lifting function directly or for a long time (may be aggressive), you can gradually transition from hot compress and electrotherapy. Neck stretching requires patience and may take weeks to months to see significant improvement. If you need more comfort during stretching, other static traction methods will suit you better.
  • Suitable Cervical Symptoms: 1.Cervical curvature or cervical intervertebral disc herniation; 2.Cervical spondylosis of cervical type and mild radicular spondylosis. (Not recommended for severe nerve compression pain); 3.The doctor recommends that the neck needs exercises (without osteoporosis and vertebral artery stenosis).