Kill It | Anti Mosquitos


Kill It | Anti Mosquitos is the ultimate solution for a mosquito-free environment. With its cutting-edge features, you can take back control of your outdoor area and get rid of any unwanted bugs. The device is 100% safe for animals, children, elderly, and pregnant women – with no hidden chemical products or oil emitters. You’ll also enjoy prolonged use with 36 hours of battery life from just one charge! Plus, it attracts 5 times more mosquitoes than any other device on the market – making sure you won’t be bothered by these pesky creatures again. And because it’s so quiet, you can rest easy knowing your sleep won’t be disturbed by a cluster of buzzing insects. Finally, this compact and portable product fits right in with any environment – allowing you greater coverage and convenience wherever you go. Get rid of those pesky mosquitos once and for all; pick up Kill It | Anti Mosquitos today!




Size: 62 x 162 x 90 MM
Color: Gray
Battery: High quality lithium, 200mah
Loading: Via USB


Package Includes: 
1x Kill It Anti Mosquitoes
1x Cargo Cape